Fitness Center


The fitness center is a building amenity available to all Tenants of the Office Buildings who have signed a waiver of liability. The center is located on the P-1 level of TwoCityCenter, 800 Tenth Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20001.

Click here for waiver of liability for the fitness center.

Please note that the building owner is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items. Valuables should be secured in lockers and must be removed upon departure from the Fitness Center. Overnight storage is not allowed.

All items left overnight may be claimed from the TwoCityCenter Lobby Guard Desk.

There is no trainer or on duty personnel and use of all equipment is at your own risk. Fitness Center users should report all equipment malfunctions, personal injuries and specific concerns immediately to the Property Management Office. Towels are provided for the convenience of Fitness Center users. Towels must remain in the facility and should be returned to a soiled linen container after use.

The Fitness Center contains an adjacent aerobics room which can be reserved and utilized by tenants for personal training, yoga, etc. Please contact the Property Management Office to check on availability and secure reservations.