Building security and the safety of our tenants and visitors is our highest priority. The building security system and procedures have been put in place to maximize personal safety and minimize property damage.


The Office Buildings are staffed by Security Officers 24 hours per day. They are available at the desk and can be contacted by dialing (202) 585-1707 at any time. They provide access control and visitor processing in the Main Office Lobbies. They can also provide after-hours escorts to the Garage and around the exterior of the Office Buildings. They cannot provide escorts to locations off of the property.


If you have a security problem, see a suspicious person, see a suspicious event, or have a safety concern, call the Property Management Office immediately (202) 585-1700. The phone will be answered during normal business hours by the Property Management staff. Remember, if you are in doubt, call. After hours please call (202) 585-1707.