Policies & Procedures
Building Rules & Regulations


Cable television is currently available through Comcast. Please contact the Property Management Office for corporate contact information.


Tenants are requested to break down all cardboard boxes prior to placing them for removal. This will enable the building to maximize its waste storage capacity and will help to keep the removal costs down.


Tenants are responsible for any damage to common area or service corridor flooring resulting from deliveries, spilled beverages, spilled grease/garbage and general stains.

If a spill occurs during the day, please report it immediately to the Property Management Office. A housekeeping employee will be dispatched in an attempt to minimize the damage. All spills should be addressed as quickly as possible.


All sidewalks, entries, passages, courtyards, corridors, stairways, elevators and other similar areas in or to the Office Buildings shall not be obstructed or used for purposes other than entrance and exit of the Leased Premises by Tenants, their guests, or their agents.


When cooling for a tenant's computer systems is provided by the Office Buildings’ mechanical systems, the Retail Property Management Office and the Office Property Management Office shall not be responsible for mechanical failures, which may result in computer shutdowns (e.g., Tenants should plan for redundancy and back-up, as appropriate). In the event of interruptions in service for preventive maintenance, a tenant will be notified so that computers may be shut down while repairs are made.


Construction of various portions of the Office Buildings will occur from time to time. The Retail and Office Property Management Offices will make every effort to minimize the disturbance. All tenants must submit construction plans for review to the Property Management Office prior to the start of any construction. All contractors working in the Office Buildings must adhere to the Rules of the Site, outlined in the Tenant Design and Construction Manual (available from the Property Management Office) and provide a current Certificate of Insurance prior to the start of work.


Tenants may not disturb other occupants of the Office Buildings by the use of any musical or sound-producing instrument, equipment, audio system, by making unseemly noises, or by interference in any way.


The Leased Premises are to be used only as specified in the Lease.


Photographs in the Office Building Lobbies, other common areas of the Office Buildings, or service corridors may not be taken without the prior consent of the Property Management Office.


All appliances installed in the Leased Premises, including, but not limited to refrigerators, icemakers, dishwashers, garbage disposals, showers, and water lines for coffee makers, must be properly operated and maintained by the tenants of the Office Buildings. All water leaks or suspected leaks must be reported immediately to the Property Management Office.

All leak repairs shall be done by approved contractors or the Property Management Office at the Tenant's sole cost and expense. The cost of any repair of any damage to the Leased Premises, another tenant's space or personal property, or the Office Buildings, resulting from the use or maintenance of such appliances will be paid by the tenant.

Plumbing fixtures shall be used for their designated purpose, and no foreign substances of any kind shall be deposited therein. Damage to any such fixture resulting from misuse by a tenant or any employee or invitee of the tenant shall be repaired at the sole expense of the tenant.

The Property Management Office reserves the right, at any time, to rescind or modify any one or more of these Building Rules and Regulations, or to make such other and further reasonable rules and regulations as in the Management’s judgment may from time to time be necessary for the safety, care and cleanliness of the Building and Leased Premises.


Tenants wishing to install a satellite dish on the Office Building roof must obtain prior approval from the Property Management Office. Tenants will be required to enter into a license agreement and reimburse all (if any) legal costs incurred. Upon termination of the service, the Tenant shall be required to remove the satellite dish and all associated wiring and restore the building to its original condition.


Tenants requiring access to the Office Building telephone closets should contact the Property Management Office to discuss their needs prior to the tenant’s contractor arriving on site. The Property Management Office reserves the right to require wiring to be encased within conduit. Prior consultation may save the Tenant time and money.


No vending machine or machines other than usual office equipment shall be installed, maintained, or operated upon the Leased Premises without the written consent of the Property Management Office.

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